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McCulloch Calf Resuscitator

McCulloch Calf Resuscitator

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The Calf Resuscitator is designed to aid new-born calves that are struggling to breath but have a heart beat. An aspirator mask attached to the wide end of the pump is used to draw out the mucous or fluid from the lungs and airway. Once this is achieved the resuscitator mask, attached to the other, narrow end of the pump is used to aid the calf to breath. A bi-directional valve allows the animal to exhale and helps to pump air into the lungs.

Features of The Calf Resuscitator 

  • Aid newborn calves with breathing
  • Easy to use for 1 person
  • Comes with Pump, Aspirator and Resuscitator masks
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Always a pleasure to do your business here. Very knowledgeable on cattle and sheep.

John McDermott - Google Review

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