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KERBL Mains-Powered Dehorner

KERBL Mains-Powered Dehorner

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The Kerbl Mains-Powered Dehorner is a stainless steel device used to dehorning young calves. It features soldering tip and ergonomically shaped handle. The Veterinarians prefer to use this device due to its lightweight and very high heat output. The dehorner helps to accomplish the task quickly and easily. Simply place the dehorner over the horn and rotate to make certain the high temperature is applied equally. No loss of blood or severe shock is experienced during or after dehorning. The entire task will last for only few seconds and can be done safely any month of the year. 

Technical Data

Voltage  230V
Output 210W
maximum Temperature 620C
Pre-Heating Time 11min approx
Weight With Cable 630g
Cable Length 3m


Features of Kerbl Mains-Powered Dehorner 

  • Stainless Steel Dehorner
  • Soldering Tip and Shaped Handle
  • Easy & Quick to Complete the Task
  • No Loss of Blood or Severe Shock
  • Can be Done Any Month of the Year
  • Leightweight & Safe to Handle
  • German Made Device
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