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Solantel 50 mg/ml Oral Suspension for Sheep (Flukiver Generic)

Solantel 50 mg/ml Oral Suspension for Sheep (Flukiver Generic)

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Target Species: Sheep


Treats & Controls: 

For the treatment of chronic and subacute fasciolosis (due to Fasciola hepatica). The product is effective against mature and late immature flukes (from 5 weeks immature). For the treatment of Oestrus ovis (Sheep Nasal Bot Fly). For the treatment of inhibited, L4 and adult stages of Haemonchus contortus.


Active Ingredient(s): Closantel 50.0 mg (as Closantel Sodium Dihydrate 54.375 mg)


Dosage:  10 mg of closantel per kg bodyweight (i.e. 1 ml of product per 5 kg bodyweight). 



Meat and offal: 42 days Not authorised for use in ewes producing milk for human consumption including during the dry period. Do not use within 1 year prior to the first lambing in ewes intended to produce milk for human consumption.

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