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Rumenil 34 mg/ml oral suspension for cattle 5L

Rumenil 34 mg/ml oral suspension for cattle 5L

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Target Species: Cattle

Treats & Controls: 

Treatment of chronic fascioliasis caused by the adult stage of Fasciola hepatica, sensitive to oxyclozanide. Elimination of gravid tapeworm segments (Moniezia spp).


Active Ingredient(s): Oxyclozanide


Dosage: Cattle : 3 ml per 10 kg bodyweight;

For example:-

Bodyweight Dose

50 kg 15 ml

100 kg 30 ml

150 kg 45 ml

200 kg 60 ml

250 kg 75 ml

300 kg 90 ml

350 kg and over 105 ml


Meat and offal: 13 days.

Milk: 108 hours (4.5 days).

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