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Ketonor + Bolus

Ketonor + Bolus

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  • Helps to improve the energy deficit, reduce rumen acidosis and improve feed intake after calving
  • Bolus helps to reduce the risk of ketosis (acetonamia)
  • Fast-available glucogenic energy sources (propionates)
  • Administer two boluses shortly after calving, and, if necessary, an additional bolus 12-hours later
  • Acts of different physiological levels; liver, rumen and immune system


Ketonor + Bolus is used to reduce the risk of ketosis. Each 135g bolus contains fast available glucogenic energy sources, with slow release cobalt, selenium, niacin and yeast.Fast-available glucogenic energy sources, with slow release cobalt, selenium, niacin and yeast. Acts on different physiological levels: liver, rumen and immune system.

Two Ketonor+ boluses given at calving provides readily available energy sources during those crucial first hours. This encourages the cow to start eating and drinking as normal. The formulation also contains niacin, cobalt and yeast to support the liver, rumen and immune system. Ketonor+ is cost-effective, does not contain antimicrobials, has no withdrawal period and is easy to administer. Although ketosis is usually seen during very early lactation, it can occur any time that the cow experiences negative energy balance. Ketonor+ can be used as a supportive treatment in sick or convalescent cows alongside non-steroidal pain relief and antibiotics where deemed appropriate.

Administer 2 boli after calving and one more 12 hours later if required. Results in increased appetite, vitality, recovery post-calving. 18-month shelf life (comes in outer of 12).

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