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Coyles Marking Spray 450ml

Coyles Marking Spray 450ml

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Coyle's Animal marker spray is a high quality animal marker with an applicator that creates an intense clear mark on the animal. It is suitable for all farm animals. It is ideal for short term marking of animals. Marking animals is useful when you need to identify animals that you want to distinguish from the rest of the herd. The marker can be spread on any part of the animal and is especially useful during dosing, calving, milking and moving animals. It is waterproof so is suitable for animals that are out. It comes in an aerosol form which makes application very easy - and the internal ball bearing ensures the product is easily and well mixed. The internal pipe cleans itself when the can is turned upside down, which prevents any inconvenient blockages. Always shake well before use. It is important to wear gloves and appropriate clothing when applying it to prevent staining your skin or clothes.
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Always a pleasure to do your business here. Very knowledgeable on cattle and sheep.

John McDermott - Google Review

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