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Clik Pour-On Gun

Clik Pour-On Gun

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The Clik Pour-On gun is an essential piece of equipment when using Clik Pour-On and Clikzin Pour-On. The Clik Pour-On Gun, when used properly, guarantees the correct application of the pour-on.


How to use the Clik Pour-On Gun

Clik Pour-on and Clikzin Pour-On should be applied using the four stroke method as outlined below. It is recommended that both Clik and Clikzin is applied using the proper gun which features a fan spray nozzle. 

The Four Stroke Method: The four stroke method ensures the pour-on is applied evenly by applying a quarter of the application at a time in four simple strokes.

1) 1/4 applied from between the shoulders to middle of back

2) 1/4 applied from middle of back to top of animals tail

3) 1/4 applied from one side of the animals tail down the crutch

4) 1/4 applied from other side of tail down the other crutch



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Always a pleasure to do your business here. Very knowledgeable on cattle and sheep.

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