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Biocolost B 100ml

Biocolost B 100ml

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What is Biocolost B?

Highly concentrated liquid immunoglobulin feed supplement for the newborn calf or lamb which is subjected to high infection levels or who may not be getting the optimum level of colostrum in the two hours after birth.


Immunoglobulin in a highly concentrated, liquid form for rapid enhancement of resistance in calves and lambs.


  • Completes inadequate colostrum
  • Concentrated immunoglobulin colostrum feed for the new born calves and lambs
  • Convenient and hygienic application due to the new bayonet cap
  • Ready to use bottle: 100 ml bottle for 1 calf or 8 to 10 lambs
  • Storage without refrigeration (between 4°C and 20°C)
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Always a pleasure to do your business here. Very knowledgeable on cattle and sheep.

John McDermott - Google Review

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