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BioBalance Next-Gen

BioBalance Next-Gen

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BioBalance Next-Gen is a liquid blend of postbiotics, metabolites, and natural plant extracts designed to supply nutrients and metabolites to the Gastro-Intestinal tract and the micro-organisms that inhabit it. It provides bioactive compounds that increase metabolic activity, enhance intake and growth rates, and improve young ruminants’ health and immunity.



The process of accelerated rumen development triggers a significant increase in feed intake by hastening the maturation of the rumen and the gastro-intestinal tract.

By enhancing the pace and extent of intestinal growth, optimal intestinal progress ensures calves can extract the maximum nutritional value from their feed earlier.

Exposure to specific metabolites and improved microbiome balance leads to lengthened rumen papillae, facilitating a smoother transition to solid feed, increasing starter feed consumption, and contributing to increased weight gain

Robust immune system enhancement consolidates the immune system’s strength, enabling calves to effectively combat pathogens and build a strong immune defence that will serve them well throughout their lifespan.

A mucosal immunity boost intensifies the immune response, helping to reduce the prevalence of viruses, decrease inflammation, and prevent the intrusion of toxins.

Superior epithelial protection promotes the development of less permeable epithelial barriers within the calf’s gastro-intestinal system, preventing harmful substances from penetrating and potentially causing damage.


There are always animals that perform better than their group average;, there are always individuals with high expectations, and they just do not seem to make the grade. We have overlooked the microbiome’s make-up for many years because it is not visible to the naked eye. Animals with a more optimal microbiome tend to perform better, and it is a cascade of positivity, all set off by a series of tiny microbes that make the calf’s Gastrointestinal tract home. Calves that have a healthy, well-balanced Microbiome have fewer health setbacks such as diarrhoea or pneumonia; they tend to develop a functioning rumen faster, which means they can consume solid feed sooner and more of it. A well balanced microbiome leads to increased weight gains, an easier transition off milk, spending fewer days off feed and, are capable of better fulfilling their genetic potential, whether to reproduce, put on meat efficiently, or produce milk for longer and in higher quantities.


BioBalance Next-Gen Postbitotic Liquid is proud to contain Diamond V, a potent fermentation by-product teeming with beneficial metabolites that support livestock health and performance. Moreover, its unique base product comprises natural plant-derived Mono propylene glycol, sugars, and oligosaccharides, which furnish energy and foster optimal development of ruminal flora due to their complex sugar composition.


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