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Aqua Lamb 100ml

Aqua Lamb 100ml

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Aqua Lamb provides a complementary feeding aid which help support lambs at birth. Aqua Lamb delivers a rapid energy boost for new born, weak and growing lambs. Aqua Lamb providing prebiotics and a natural antioxidant blend of Vitamin E.

Aqua Lamb supports the natural development of gut microflora. The supporting proteins present aid lambs that may have been deprived of maternal colostrum. 

Newborn lambs (especially those born indoors) are extremely susceptible to bacterial infections caused by unfavourable bacteria (such as e-coli) colonising in the gut. Aqua Lamb will help provide protection from these infections.

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Always a pleasure to do your business here. Very knowledgeable on cattle and sheep.

John McDermott - Google Review

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