Scour Vaccines - Rotavec Corona & Bovigen

Get ready for calving this Winter/Spring! Give us a call on 096-31890 to get the ball rolling to protect your calves from scour this year.

 There are primarily two vaccines used to prevent calf scour:

  • Bovilis Rotavec Corona 
  • Bovigen Scour Vaccine

Bovigen Scour Vaccine and Bovilis Rotavec Corona are both single-shot injectable vaccinations, given to pregnant cows to subsequently help protect the calf from diarrhoea.  Both vaccines can be administered to pregnant cattle 12 – 3 weeks prior to calving. They're given into the muscle of the animal.

Bovilis Rotavec Corona protects from rotavirus, coronavirus and E. coli (K99 and F41). It is a single 2ml vaccine.

Bovigen Scour Vaccine is also a single-shot injectable vaccination. Vaccination with Bovigen Scour raises antibody levels in cows and heifers against rotavirus, coronavirus and E. coli F5 (K99).

Bovigen Scour Vaccine is a single 3ml vaccine.

The antibodies from these vaccines will be stored in the dam’s colostrum. The dam will pass these antibodies to the calf through the colostrum at the first milk feeding.

This is why is is crucial that the calf receives adequate colostrum as soon as possible after birth.

Give us a call on 096-31890 to get the ball rolling on vaccinating your cattle.

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